I'm thinking about (as a way of introducing to my students) showing them 'made up' student progress charts and asking them to point out what skills the made-up student is lacking, where they excel, etc to get them acquainted with how it works. Then they will have a concrete example of how to self-assess when they have their own in front of them. Also, it would be a good segue into asking them questions as a way of explaining and modeling how the system works without just giving them a paper to read or a lecture. For example:

  • How could this student improve?
  • How would the teacher know they have improved?
  • How could they prove it?
  • What would happen if they did learn more?
  • What happens if they don't?
  • What happens if they forget?

-Posted 6.24.10 Elissa Miller

druinok Another bonus to SBG - give the kids a printout to take to their new teacher when they move districts/schools - love that idea!