This is a wiki created for teachers implementing standards based grading (sbg) for the first time.

We need each other for support and feedback!

Let's make this a place of collaboration, cooperation, and constructive feedback.

Let the implementation begin!

How this wiki thing works:
The pages are listed on the right sidebar.
Click any page you want to look at.
Once there, there are 4 tabs at the top: Page, Discussion, History, Notify Me.
Click Page to see that page. Ha.
Click Discussion to post discussion about the page. Like a forum or comment on a blog post.
Click History to see the changes made to this page, by whom, and when.
Click Notify me to subscribe to changes and such in your email according to your preferences.

If you want to add to a page, change, or edit, you must be a member and be signed in.
If you don't know how to edit, click Editing the Wiki on the right sidebar for instructions.

Please post links! And comment!

Stop! Collaborate and listen...